End of Year Fundraising Plan

Special Package: End of Year Fundraising Plan

Runs from September – January (5 months) 2017-2018

Make sure your cause is ready for the end of year giving push!

Did you know that people (not grants) make up almost 75% of charitable dollars contributed every year to non-profit organizations?

The majority of those dollars are given in the last quarter of the calendar year, with express focus on November and December.

Make sure your cause is ready for the end of year giving push! Don’t leave $$ on the table for your mission.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Five months with DéLana on your fundraising team!
  2. Initial strategy video call or (when available) in-person discovery session to help map out your cause’s End of Year fundraising plan and goals.
  3. FIVE monthly 50-minute coaching calls to keep you motivated, on-track, and moving in the right direction.
  4. Support for drafting successful fundraising copy for electronic and/or direct mail use.
  5. Volunteer engagement plan–Don’t do it alone!
  6. Acknowledgement and Thank You plan for the gifts that will come!
  7. Unlimited e-mail access for quick questions or clarification or guidance.

By January you will have:

  1. A successful Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign (online).
  2. A successful Annual Appeal fundraising campaign (online + direct mail).
  3. Identified your cause’s short-term fundraising goals.
  4. Identified volunteers who can help you further your fundraising goal.
  5. A successful End of Year Fundraising plan you can implement year after year.C
Click Here for a PDF flyer: EOY Fundraising Program

Don’t like leaving $ on the table? Contact us to set up a 30 minute discovery call to understand this is the investment you need to make for your cause today!