Red Olive Creative Consulting Services – 2017


Are you tired of your creative projects being under funded and know that there are folks out there who would support your if you just asked. But where do you start? Join our 30-day jumpstart program to understand individual fundraising campaign basics. This program includes a 20-page workbook for you to keep and return to again and again! 

PDF For More Information: Jumpstart Your Creative Fundraising


Are you ready to dig deep and grow your artistic and cultural projects?  Don’t do it alone!  Invest in your creativity + watch your impact grow!

Need a non-profit fundraiser at your fingertips? Join our Monthly Mentor program. For a monthly investment, you’ll have access to:

  1. 1 monthly 60-minute video or phone meeting
  2. 1 fundraising workshop for board, staff, or volunteers
  3. Unlimited e-mail access for quick questions or clarification

PDF For More Information: Monthly Mentor Program

Monthly Mentor Discussion Topics:

Develop a year-long fundraising plan

Develop short term fundraising campaigns for high impact projects

Cultivate a culture of philanthropy within your organization

Individual giving program 

Grant prospecting on a budget

Build a top-notch Board of Directors

Build a Membership Program

Grant Writing

Fundraising Letter Writing

Trainings for identified development staff

Diversity & Leadership Training

Build an impact-driven Junior Board

& more