After a successful 2017 End of Year campaign, Cave Canem renewed its contract with Red Olive Consulting for an 11-month engagement in 2018. Red Olive supported Cave Canem’s transition to a small shop supportive CRM (Client Relationship Manager) platform. Now, Cave Canem has one place that collects and stores information–freeing up staff time, while ensuring proper fundraising protocols. Additionally, Red Olive worked with us to recoup lost donors through a Spring Appeal. This encompassed a targeted approach with a highly personalized touch. The emails reactivated 5% of those who had for whatever reason taken time off from supporting us!  

–Nicole Sealey, Cave Canem Foundation

The goals of nonprofits can often be lofty dreams, big picture visions and what Red Olive does is give practical support to make those big dreams a reality. The mentoring and guidance from REd Olive has been a buoy for I, Too Arts Collective. I am grateful for the wisdom and encouragement from DeLana. It has been a deep honor to learn from her and build with her. In 2018 our theme for I, Too Arts was Be Seen. I can truly say that Red Olive made our work visible and helped us provide a space for young people to be seen, to raise their creative voices. Personally, DeLana’s steady and thoughtful guidance made me feel seen, validated, and nurtured. Being an executive director who is Black and woman, this was a precious and priceless gift.

 —Renee Watson, I Too Arts Collective